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Following are some of the top-most divorce attorneys in Duluth, Georgia:

 Blackburn, Walther, Sloan & Adair LLC

Blackburn, Walther, Sloan & Adair LLC is located in Duluth, Georgia but actually it is a Roswell-based law firm. Blackburn, Walther, Sloan & Adair LLC comprises of ten attorneys offering services since 1977. It is a well-reputed law firm in Duluth, Georgia. The attorneys working with this law firm are, Robert G. Blackburn, Kevin P. Walther, Donna Crosby Sloan, John L. Adair, Jr., Nerrylle Manning-Wallace, Jimmy Lee Partin, Roger A. Metz, W. Matthew Suber, Rodney Hood and Cheryl Hsieh Suber. Not all the above mentioned attorneys practice as divorce attorneys, as some of them tackle other legal concerns. The areas of practice of Blackburn, Walther, Sloan & Adair LLC are:

Areas of Practice

  • Family law, including divorce and child support
  • Criminal defense
  • Co-parenting mediation and divorce coaching
  • Real estate purchases and sales
  • Business organization and operation
  • Commercial disputes

 Gibson, Deal and Fletcher, P.C

This Norcross-based law firm has a branch office located in Duluth, Georgia. Gibson, Deal and Fletcher, P.C has been providing legal services since 1986. It is now one of the most prestigious law firms in Duluth, Georgia. This firm comprises of four attorneys James B. Deal, Michael R. Dunham, William A. Fletcher Jr. and John W. Gibson. All of them deal in family law and possess masterly skills. They also offer free counseling to their clients. The areas of practice are:

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Areas of Practice

  • Family law
  • Commercial law
  • Divorce
  • Adoption

 Prebula & Associates LLC

Prebula & Associates LLC is situated at The Crescent Building, Suite 200, 3483 Satellite Boulevard, N.W., Duluth, Georgia. It is a team of two attorneys Mary A. Prebula and Kathleen E. Sullivan who are serving their clients since years and are two of the most esteemed divorce attorneys in Duluth, Georgia. They also offer free counseling to the individual as well as business clients. Their areas of practice include:

Areas of Practice

  • Divorce
  • Family law
  • Employment law
  • Business law

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