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Some of the top divorce attorneys in Tucson, Arizona are:

 Law Offices of Ricardo A. Bracamonte

Law Offices of Ricardo A. Bracamonte is located at 197 E. Ft. Lowell Road, Tucson, Arizona. Bracamonte received his law degree form Arizona State University, College of Law in 1992 and was admitted to bar the same year. This law firm is involved in many areas of law. In family law, they take care of all aspects of it, ranging from divorce to custody and mediation. They deal in all whether the case is fairly straightforward, or has it with complex issues such as business, property and professional license valuation. They have skilled attorneys and complete knowledge to cope with the cases legally. This firm’s areas of practice include:

Areas of Practice

  • Child Support
  • Criminal Law
  • Divorce
  • Family Law
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents — Plaintiff
  • Personal Injury — Plaintiff
  • Products Liability Law
  • Traffic Violations
  • White Collar Crimes

 Waterfall Economidis Caldwell Hanshaw & Villamana PC

Waterfall Economidis Caldwell Hanshaw & Villamana PC is located at Williams Centre 5210 E. Williams Circle, Suite 800, Tucson, Arizona. Three attorneys Waterfall Economidis Caldwell Hanshaw and Villamana opened this law firm. Their goal is to provide responsive, high-quality legal service at a reasonable cost to their clients. The firm’s domestic relations lawyers are at the forefront of family law in such areas. In all ways, this law firm’s divorce attorneys can knowledgeably handle all aspects of family law as they take such issues as highly emotional issues. They also handle all aspects of property division in dissolution cases. Their objective in resolving child support, custody and visitation matters is to make sure that the best interests of the child is met. Attorneys Economidis, Peter, Patricia Ann Green, Silvyn, Jeffrey S., Stuehringer, James W, Traynor and W. Patrick exclusively practice in family law matters. This firm’s areas of practice are:

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Areas of Practice

  • Administrative Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • International Law
  • Taxation Law

 Steven C. Weinstein

Steven C. Weinstein is located in 107 West Washington Street, Tucson, Arizona.  Attorney Steven was admitted to bar in 1980 and established his firm in the same year. Steven C. Weinstein got his Juris doctorate degree from University of Arizona in 1980. He still works as a member of Federal Bar Associations, State Bar of Arizona and State Bar of California. This firm is a general law firm and handles legal matters in several areas. Steven practices 50% in domestic relations as well.

Areas of Practice

  • Family Law
  • Divorce
  • Child support
  • Interstate Child Custody
  • Grandparents Rights Jurisdiction
  • Personal Injury
  • Automobile Accidents
  • General Practice
  • Probate
  • Wills

 Patricia A. Taylor

Patricia A. Taylor is located at 2344 E. Speedway Boulevard, Tucson, Arizona. Patricia A. Taylor was admitted to bar in 1994. She graduated from University of Arizona in 1994. She is a member of State Bar of Arizona. This firm is practicing generally in family matters and criminal issues. Areas of practice include:

Areas of Practice

  • Family Law
  • Divorce
  • Criminal Law
  • DUI
  • DWI
  • Domestic Violence

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