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Some of the top divorce attorneys in St. Johns – Arizona are:

 Dale K. Patton, Jr., P.C

Dale K. Patton, Jr., P.C has a site office located in St. Johns County, Arizona. Their main office is located at 401 Kinsley Avenue P.O. Box 53, Winslow, Arizona. Attorney Dale K. Patton received his law degree form University of Arizona in 1978 and is member of State Bar of Arizona. Mr. Patton is committed to serving his clients and meeting their requirements. He is a certified attorney in the area of general practices. He has also dedicated himself to solving domestic issues. His areas of practice include:

Areas of Practice

  • Family law
  • Domestic Relations
  • Divorce
  • Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Automobile Accidents etc

 Lee R John Attorney at Law

Lee R John Attorney at Law is located at 1200 W Cleveland, Saint Johns, Arizona. This law firm serves people facing family law related issues. Attorney Lee R John is known for his dedicated work in the area of law. This is a general law practicing firm. He understands all newly raised issues in the marital life and has a keen study in solving them aggressively with compassion and care. His high quality work speaks for his professionalism. He provides services in the following areas:

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Areas of Practice

  • Family law
  • Adoption
  • Divorce
  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • Estates

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