How to cope with depression during divorce

When it comes to splitting up, nothing hurts quite as much as a divorce. Some people have been known to go through downward spirals emotionally when this happens, and no one can truly be prepared for what will go on next. If you have recently gone through this or know someone that has, consider the following tips in regards to coping with depression after divorce.

Recite positive affirmations

The first thing that needs to be remembered is the fact that the world has not ended, and you are still alive and intact. It’s hard to realize this, but a positive affirmation or two in the mirror each morning can go a long way. If you can simply get up and go to the mirror and remind yourself that the day is new, and that the world has not blown away, you will start on the track to moving forward with your life.

Saying positive affirmations might seem like you’re only putting a plaster over the wound but if you vocalize them positively (or as best as you can), it can help lift some of that dark cloud that may be surrounding you. Just speak out the words, look yourself in the eye and try to remember that there is a whole new world to discover. Say it enough times and you’ll start to believe it in them.

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Seek professional help

If you are depressed after a divorce, one thing that has helped millions is simply visiting a doctor or mental health worker. Find a psychologist in your area and make an appointment. If you do not have health insurance, that is OK many mental health practitioners work on a sliding scale or work within budgets that are affordable. The point is, there are ways to get help and it’s just a matter of asking. When in doubt look online for low cost or cheap mental health care and you’ll find it.

Talk to a friend

Talking to someone helps greatly even if you’re not keen on psychologists, you’ll feel better externalizing things instead of bottling them up. With around 50% of marriages ending in divorce, you can be almost certain that someone close to you has experienced divorce or something similar. Talk to them. Sometimes all you need is to verbalie and for someone to listen.

Get some fresh perspective

Coping with depression after a divorce is hard, and some people don’t know how to move forward. If you find yourself in this situation consider going outside and enjoying some fresh air. Take a walk around your neighbourhood or find a park to walk in. You’ll find that the fresh air does a lot of good plus the movement and new surroundings should alter your mood and give some you a little bit of peace.

The above tips are just a handful of things that you can do to cope with divorce. It’s not an easy thing to get over, and you shouldn’t believe that you’re feelings are wrong or unfounded. Grieve patiently, but remember there is joy just around the bend. There’s nothing wrong or shameful about asking for a helping hand, and there are plenty of doctors, counsellors and friendly faces that are waiting to help you get through your hard times.




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