Divorce Songs: The Ultimate Breakup Party Playlist!

Looking for divorce party ideas and songs? Whether you’re getting divorced, thinking about it or supporting a friend who’s going through a divorce — or thinking about it 😉 — you need a decent divorce song, or better still, a playlist of divorce songs to get you through it. Now what constitutes a fitting song for that moment of separation and breakup will vary from person to person and moment to moment, so we’ve pulled together the best divorce songs / breakup songs for you, whatever the mood.

The Ultimate Divorce Party and Breakup Party Playlist!

Over 100 songs and 7 hours of power, dance, rock and pop that’ll bring a smile to your face, a wiggle to your butt and the odd bit of headbanging get-it-out-of-your-system attitude. The ultimate eclectic mix for your divorce party or breakup party…stick it on and dance like nobody’s watching (bottle or two of wine optional!). No tearful tunes in this one!

Spotify Divorce Playlist

DIY divorce online

And for those of you who prefer Youtube we have most of them in a divorce playlist for youtube. Hit PLAY and get the party started.

Youtube Uplifting Party Divorce Songs and Breakup Playlist

Above is the almost-complete playlist – there are 90 songs from the Spotify list ready to run. Simply hit play on the video above and you’re good to go.

Looking for lyrics? Below are some classics, complete with lyrics on youtube. These are single videos so you’ll need to hit play for each one…

Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive

Queen – Another One Bites The Dust

Bon Jovi – You Give Love A Bad Name

Tiffany – I Think We’re Alone Now

Lily Allen – Fuck You

Alice Cooper – Poison

Pink – So What

DIY divorce online

Whitesnake – Here I Go Again

Destiny’s Child – Survivor

So there you have it, a crackin’ list of 100 divorce and breakup songs that will have you moving and grooving. Cheer up your mate or dance like nobody’s watching. Get lost in music and enjoy.


Divorce songs playlist on Spotify by About Divorce


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